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Weetabix® (14 oz. Box)

Made with delicious, whole wheat for a nourishing, fiber rich breakfast. Delicious cold or hot and an excellent source of iron and Thiamin (vitamin B1).
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• 14 oz. Box

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• 6-Pack (6 x 14 oz. Box)
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• 12-Pack (12 x 14 oz. Box)
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Original Puffins®

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How a Playful Bird Landed on Our Box

We got the name for our cereals from a long-time employee who fell in love with puffins (the birds) on an Alaskan trip. They inspired us to fledge a flock of delicious Puffins cereals with a crunch that’s almost as amazing as the birds they were named for! The best part of a Puffins breakfast is the hearty crunch, followed by a satisfied morning powered by naturally sweet grains. Playful as their namesake, Puffins cereals are equally delicious swimming in a bowl of milk or scooped up by the handful.

10 oz. Box - $5.49

High Fiber Original

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About High Fiber

Nature’s ultimate recipe for a healthy high fiber breakfast offers a sweet blend of multigrain, crunchy goodness. Packed with whole grain flakes and bran, each variety has its own unique blend.

12 oz. Box - $5.49

Most Popular.

Alpen Variety 6-Pack

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6-Pack Variety - $29.74

Shredded Wheat

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Our Shredded Wheat cereal is the go-to for any serious health nut. Enjoy pure Shredded Wheat with good source of fiber that make it easier, and tastier, to live the fun, active heart-healthy lifestyle you deserve.

13 oz. Box - $5.49