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What does wholesome mean to us? “Wholesome” means choosing high quality ingredients to provide optimum nutrition and taste. It means no refined sugar or hydrogenated oils. Being “wholesome” is the healthy and nourishing result of using high quality ingredients – that’s Barbara’s way. Check out our cereals and snacks below.

Barbaras Products

Our Featured Cereals!

Weetabix® (14 oz. Box)

Made with delicious, whole wheat for a nourishing, fiber rich breakfast. Delicious cold or hot and an excellent source of iron and Thiamin (vitamin B1).
14 oz. Box
6-Pack (6 x 14 oz. Box)
$4.99 per box - SAVE $2.40!
12-Pack (12 x 14 oz. Box)
$4.49 per box - SAVE $10.80!
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Original Puffins®

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10 oz. Box
- $5.49

High Fiber Original

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12 oz. Box
- $5.49

Most Popular.

Alpen Variety 6-Pack

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6-Pack Variety
- $29.74

Shredded Wheat

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13 oz. Box
- $5.49